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A Prayer Man Presentation, In Plain Sight…


An open examination of the only male figure not accounted for in Warren Commission Exhibit 1381, and why his presence & identity is essential to establishing the Truth in the JFK Assassination.

  1. Who Is Prayer Man?

    As most experienced JFK assassination researchers & newcomers alike will tell you, Prayer Man made his debut appearance on center stage during the 50th Anniversary year of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s assassination in 2013, suddenly thrust into the spotlight by the exemplary research of a fellow Irishman, Sean Murphy…

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    Mr. Murphy

    Q & A Relative to Prayer Man

    In fairness to those of you who may need an initial introduction to Sean Murphy’s breakthrough figure, or a brief refresher for those of us already familiar with him, you will find the following invaluable resources worthy toward that end…must reading folks, where you will learn about Prayer Man’s origins, who he is and isn’t:

*An in depth analysis w/RoKC: Q & A

*Another honest, accurate and fair assessment  Here

*For those of you so inclined, An interesting scientific analysis: Andrej’s Analysis

*In fairness to others I am not aware of, who are actively engaged in the pursuit of justice by examining the significance of this breakthrough figure, I commend their diligent efforts with the upmost respect. Thank You!

                 Prayer Man & Mr. Oswald

PrayerIsOswald                                     *Credit Mr. Murphy (Sean) for comparison composite

Admittedly, the following picture of Prayer Man standing there in his famous pose (on your viewing left) out front upon the Texas School Book Depository (TSBD) entrance steps is, well, fuzzy…

In spite of the fuzzy rendering, Mr. Murphy’s figure shares so much in common with Lee Harvey Oswald. There’s a reason for that. Note the similar builds, head shape, same hairline, same hairstyle and distinct shoulder dip. However, due to the fuzzy nature of this picture, some–not all, researchers find themselves either reluctant to pursue this matter altogether, or in some quarters deduce that the figure is a woman.

I am not making that up, but do find it curious that Mr. Murphy prophesized as much, telling everyone as far back as 2013, that upon being stumped at placing any other males into the specific position held by Prayer Man, the naysayers, “Anybody but Oswald”, would offer him up in desperation as a woman at some point in their futility.

That said, now three years removed from Mr. Murphy’s breakthrough research, the fuzzy picture still presents a challenge to some in the JFK research community, who haven’t exactly taken to the he is a woman mantra, nor are sold on more than an ample dose of Mr. Spock’s logic either, so  this presentation sets out to address the fuzzy rendering and offer some distinct features for us all to consider.

Let’s begin with a brief video clip from Mr. Oswald’s midnight press conference. Please note a couple of things, his distinguishing hair part on the left side of his head (for later use) and his full facial view as he is lead out of the room (that’s important because we’ll compare a follow up photo taken by cameraman Dave Weigman of the front entrance)…


Okay, please compare the features above with the gentlemen below… out in the front entrance here in Mr. Weigman’s film —>


Fair is fair, so let’s now try an enhanced zoom in effect upon Prayer Man’s face below in an image from Mr. Weigman’s counterpart from station WBAP, Mr. Darnell (James), where the thrust isn’t so much about flesh tones (more about that later with Mr. Darnell’s film though), but here–in the next photo, an enhancement with SmartDeblur software– we just want to get a sense of the high forehead, the Oswald eyes and the cherub baby face staring at us…





compared with —>  atwelve2

*Credit site for Mr. Oswald in custody image on right.

appHAIRPARTNOQUESTION147068305058105 (2).jpg                                       Prayer Man searching the eyes of TSBD employees climbing the entrance stairs up toward him in this Mr. Darnell still-frame.

Holy Communion?

In  the following Jimmy Darnell photo scene we are treated to the immediate aftermath of a barrage of gunfire erupting in a shocked and stunned Dealey Plaza…

A1anford46513720915619_eRECTThis.jpgAmid the activity going on around him, Prayer Man begins searching the faces of some employees as they climb up the entrance steps, reading their expressions to determine what happened and to what grave extent. Please give the photo another brief look over…notice anything unusual?

I didn’t initially, but as I had routinely done with every other Weigman and Darnell photo capturing the front entrance, I ran the usual closer examination inspection under the following software: SmartDeblur; LunaPic; Movavi; and my personal favorite STOIK video enhancer effects. It’s a simple procedure every time, choose the icon image managing the light levels and tweak the contrast, highlight and  shadow buttons. Upon doing so with the above image–to my astonishment, the LunaPic software revealed this…


Perhaps it was the sharp contrast within this B & W effect that brought my attention to it, but I had no idea it existed at all in the previous scene. Do you see anything odd yet?

Here, let’s get right to it…note the human head/face appearing just under Prayer Man’s right forearm…

AcefQMTybU (2) Yes, that head/face. Where have we seen it before?

Now, admittedly, I know nothing more than the basics when it comes to cameras and photography, but had enough sense at the moment of this discovery to know either my eyes were playing tricks on me; someone photo-shopped the image in there; or, Mr. Oswald was telling the truth all along…


*courtesy of jfkEssentials website


In this presentation–in spite of the fuzzy rendering of Prayer Man– we have actually seen multiple instances of distinct features belonging exclusively to Mr.Oswald alone. There is a reason for that.

Why would features belonging only to Mr. Oswald be captured on not one, but two separate camera lenses aimed at the front entrance?,  especially IF he was upstairs six floors away from the filming action/sequence time/area?  In your own personal use of cameras, Have you ever owned a camera, in spite of you aiming it at the front foyer of a major hotel entrance, capable of capturing the distinct features of someone in an upper penthouse suite stories above your position?


“I didn’t shoot anybody…no, sir, I’m just a patsy” –LHO



































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